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Animal Songs

by The Gothsicles

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There’s macropod that I try to model Evolutionary offshoot, marsupial oddball It’s okay when there’s bad days and troubled waters are riling I channel this animal ‘cause it’s always smiling Rock the quokka Rock the quokka Rock the quokka I rock a quokka It’s not as if problems don’t exist Like finding food and staying off the endangered list But these can be approached with a positive outlook That’s why the quokka’s on the cover of my guidebook
Mesmerized by crimson eyes Anachronistic predator Deep sea Nosferatu Underwater undead lord Glide beneath the tide When it’s time to feed Except they don’t drink blood Just eat organic debris We’re gonna get exotic We’re gonna get aquatic No light we go aphotic Vampire Squid We’re gonna get exotic We’re gonna get aquatic So dark we go aphotic Vampire Squid Protean transition to a mantle of spines Tenebrous methuselah A shadow of out of time Conjure clouds to obscure Then steal away so agilely Bewilder with a show of Bioluminescent majesty
We got an invitation To the Himalayas Wanting us to play A hidden hideaway Got to the abode Said the secret code And started glancing Red Pandas dancing It’s a menagerie Pass the bamboo leaves Decked out in burgundy Red Panda Jamboree We hit the stage The pandas raged We dazzled ‘em Pandamonium After dropping beats We swore to be discreet They said they’d welcome it If we penned a panda hit
Underwater superhero Cut an arm off - it will regrow Axolotl, he’s a mystic Neotenic, I’ll get specific Amphibious underwater Scientists study his sons and daughters A special salamander Popular kind of like Black Panther But he’s not from Wakanda Lake Xochimilco, he is fond of Critically endangered, he’s so special Attach a head to another, that’s metal Now he’s got two, he will survive They did it once, I’m not telling lies! I saw one on Bojack Horseman Kind of magic, like the FORCE, MAN! That’s a lotta dope caudata It’s a party underwater Limb Re-Growth and Low-Light Scour Axolotl Superpowers What else can the little guy do? Find a COVID cure, maybe it’s true Or stop forest fires out in Cali Wish I had more of them around me The Mexican walking fish is not An actual fish, sit back and watch Neoteny they do exhibit Metamorphosis? They never did it Lungs outside their head are floatin' But don't drop, them it’s verboten When they smile, it’s cute as heck Tongue is longer than you’d expect Between 15 and 18 degrees Celsius is how your tank should be If you take home an axolotl Metaphysical like Aristotle
Born abnormal Non-traditional aptitude Not one for fields or mountains but you’ll find i’m more than happy to Hunt for sustenance arboreally Then realized To my surprise That I’d found my community (here we go!) A coterie of goats in trees A coterie of goats in trees A coterie of goats in trees A herd of nerds My friends and me Goats in trees Goats in trees A coterie of goats in trees A herd of nerds My friends and me Initially regarded as a body of misfits But currently sought fervently ‘cause now we’re the hip kids Pioneers with floppy ears Getting photographed by travelers Once novel, now we’re models On the covers of calendars
Go-Away-Bird 03:46
These qualities assigned to me By forces that exist externally Sonically ascribed, named after noise Living as defined by the sound of voice I’m a nice guy, but I’ve been given this handle So everyone assumes that I’m an unhappy rando Called the go-away bird for my particular yodel But even though they call me that I’m really quite social Though my name suggests standoffishness I’ll invite you to my nest Don’t be deterred by monikers You can hang out with me, I’m the go-away-bird I’m the go-away-bird GET CRAZY IN THE AVIARY Sleek grey plumage and a sick mohawk Take a back seat to way in which I talk Characterized by an abnormal wail I’ll still meet you for lunch for termites and snails My nom de plume elicits certain expectations But reality defies that denotation Blistering vox with unconventional flavor Exhibiting communally beneficial behavior
It’s Stag Beetle Professional Wrestling Gargantuan action at scaled down dimensions Catering to bugs across the land Tree sap and leaves at the concession stand In one corner was the Tiny Titan Weighing in at 2 grams and ready for fightin’ In the other corner was the Mini Mauler Intercontinental champ and ready for brawlin’ It’s stag beetle It’s stag beetle It’s stag beetle professional wrestling The match began with a clothesline by Titan Then he dropped a superchop right in the chiton Mauler was in trouble, it was almost finalized But lauding from the audience soon got him re-energized He jumped off the turnbuckle, and mid-air flexed his mandibles A triple somersault, it was barely even landable A devastating megaton straight to the thorax He rolled over his opponent right on to his back MAULER WINS Please stay tuned for the female division More powerful pincers and crazier collisions
Lungfish 03:53
Every day accommodate The shifting nature of my fate Forever destined in between Can never fit a single scene Sifting elemental planes Modifying to maintain Never quite authentic Bodily eccentric Adaptation Champion Lungfish One lung two lung Complicate taxonomies Ambiguous identity Function can be hard to find Straddling the border lines Subtly subvert the standard Terra firma hydromancer Formatively engineered To specialize in being weird
Yo, I'm toxic Not like 03 Britney in the cut, I mean toxic Rock sick, Rock star, never really got far No eyes, no car, never high, just call me Fargo, Margo So alone, I could break the mold No friends, no home, even a crowd I'm going solo I'm basically Han Solo I'm screaming YOLO But I'll never find my Kylo Hurry, scurry, strength in numbers Always stirring, burrow under Ground, a clone, a worker drone just Pink and furtive Pink and furtive Though i know i form the whole Am i afforded my own goals? Must I concede and always be just Pink and furtive Pink and furtive Number one, like eff the sun, I'm living out my best life Club was closed but I'm living straight up otter time No Konami code, never got my thirty guys, All alone in the Serengetti, I'm ultra sweaty But I'm always steady in the 16, it's sickening, I'm Phoebe, I'll never be a Rachel Green Hey But at least I'll have the haircut. Physically, no pain is sensed Still struggling with arguments Internally and moralistic Ectothermic, synergistically Is how I’m mean to be But inside I strive to be free Still needed by the colony Still feeling this dichotomy
Cold blooded ‘cause we keep it one hundred Bringing dry heat with the hottest sound Quantifiably the biggest thing underground Party all night and sleep all day Dispensing crushing rhythms like we’re Taking down prey Possessing of super keen sonic senses For superhuman audio that leaves you defenseless High endurance for each show, because you know it has to be Brought with maximum aerobic capacity Because we’re rock stars Gila monsters You can’t contend with us Our bites are venomous Because we’re rock stars Gila monsters We’ll leave you in the dust Our beats are venomous Gila monsters Descending from legends of Cretaceous eras With an updated style for whole new areas And spots along the musical spectrum Prepare for the modern heloderma suspectum Hitting every gig like we’re armored in scales Functionally honed to the finest detail Hitting every stage decked in brightly colored bands Try to match our tempo and we’ll leave you in the sand Cold blooded ‘cause we keep it one hundred Hit the refrain like lava in your veins



This album would not have been possible without the generous sponsorship of all the Kickstarter backers, thank you.

Special thanks to Heidi Foland, Vasi Vallis, Brad Art, Zoog Von Rock, and Adam Schneider


released February 26, 2021

Mastered by Kolja Trelle at Koltron Music Production

Tracks 1, 2, 3, 5, and 7 produced by Vasi Vallis

Tracks 4 and 8 produced by JD Tucker

Track 6 produced by Reza Udhin at Cryonica, UK

Track 9 mixed by Benjamin Bolstridge

Track 10 mixed by Arthur Galestian, Galestian Music

Track 4 features guest vocals by MC Lars

Track 5 features guest programming by Databomb

Track 6 features guest vocals by Ellie J.

Track 9 features guest vocals by FIRES

Cover art by Brad Bradley

Tigersquawk Records

The Gothsicles is Brian Graupner.


all rights reserved



The Gothsicles Boston, Massachusetts





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