1. Murder : Dismembered
    The Rain Within

  2. Plastic Breach
    TV's Kyle

  3. Stardust (Starry Wisdom Remix by The Gothsicles)
    Curse of Cassandra


  5. Kinetic Kill Machine (Potential NRG Remix By The Gothsicles)

  6. Opera Of Death

  7. I Sniffed the Glove (vs. Cyferdyne) [2016 Remix]

  8. I Feel Sicle

  9. I​-​VIII Deluxe Edition
    Gild The Mourn

  10. The Gothic Cruise to Alaska 2016 Juneau Reactor EP

  11. Respect The Prime: 1986 Revisited
    Various Artists

  12. Fire and Ice EP

  13. DJ Darks Choir Intro


  15. Pink Paper EP
    The StarShip

  16. From Amanda

  17. Resistanz Festival Soundtrack 2016
    Various Artists

  18. The First And Last Band Ever To Play Resistanz Festival (limited edition lathecut 7" vinyl)

  19. Bomb the Club Mixes Maxi​-​Single

  20. Zombie T​-​Rex (featuring darkNES of the Gothsicles)
    Insane Ian

  21. Squid Remixarus

  22. Gregarious Not Gorgeous
    Kevin MacLeod vs. The Gothsicles

  23. Chica Vampiro
    The Gothsicles, MC Lars & Rodney Anonymous

  24. The Lostboy Collection
    Self Implied Restrictions

  25. Every Good Boy Dies Free
    The Dead Room

  26. 15 Years of Bloody Nightmares
    Obszön Geschöpf

  27. Electrogenesis
    Various Artists

  28. The Nyarlat Hot EP

  29. Rock Me Amadeus (Falco cover)

  30. Under The Skin
    Projekt F

  31. Squid Icarus

  32. AnalogueTrash Records: Label Sampler Vol. 1 (AT0012)
    Various Artists

  33. Throwbacks
    Derwood Bowen

  34. WTII Records 2014 Free Digital Sampler
    WTII Records, LLC

  35. Theme From "Friends" (I'll Be There For You) [The Rembrandts cover]

  36. Extremely Fast Turnaround Effin' Serious Remix Challange

  37. Glitchcraft

  38. Songs From the De-EP
    The Gothsicles - Caustic - The Causticles

  39. The FuMP Volume 43
    Artists of The FuMP

  40. 14 N' Flawless (Feat. The Gothsicles)
    Cryogenic Echelon

  41. Brainscan
    Defence Mechanism feat. The Gothsicles

  42. Terminus Festival Is Gonna Be Awesome
    The Gothsicles feat. Panic Lift

  43. WTII Records 2013 FREE Sampler
    Various Artists

  44. Kinetik Festival Volume 5.5
    Various Artists

  45. Digital Recovery - Part 5
    Various Artists

  46. FH4

  47. Cephalopod (Incompetechno rmx by The Gothsicles)
    Kevin MacLeod

  48. Spandex on the Sunset Strip: A Tribute to 80s Metal

  49. Tainted Candy: A Tribute to 80s New Wave
    Various Artists

  50. AXE BATTLE: A Remix EP

  51. The Next Last Time
    Stochastic Theory

  52. DARK:TwO
    Various Artists

  53. The FuMP Volume 33
    Artists of The FuMP

  54. WTII Minifest 2 Compilation
    Various Artists

  55. Kinetik Festival Volume 5
    Various Artists

  56. Electronic Saviors 2: Recurrence
    Various Artists

  57. Accepting the Truth
    Death of Self

  58. False Prophets
    Darker Days Tomorrow

  59. WTII Records Spring 2012 Free Sampler

  60. VampireFreaks presents: Cry For Death Volume One
    Various Artists

  61. Jolly Roger
    Santa Hates You

  62. Industrialites & Magic

  63. GCS2
    Various Artists

  64. Resistanz (Deluxe Digital Edition)
    Various Artists

  65. Resistanz - International Industrial Music Festival
    Various Artists

  66. 666 on the Crucifix

  67. Cyanotic Presents Gears Gone Wild: Spring Break Edition

  68. Irresponsible
    Positive Attitude

  69. Triton Festival Compilation 2010
    Various Artists

  70. Fade​/​Dance Magic Dance
    The Dark Clan

  71. Kinetik Festival Volume 3
    Various Artists

  72. WTII Sunday Showcases - 4 Year Anniversary Sampler
    Various Artists

  73. The FuMP Volume 19
    Various Artists

  74. Mechanicals Vol. 1
    Everything Goes Cold

  75. Electronic Saviors: Industrial Music to Cure Cancer
    Various Artists

  76. The FuMP Volume 18
    Various Artists

  77. Everyone Should Play V:TES ('Cause Somebody's Gotta Be Worse Than Me) - feat. Ben Peal

  78. Resurrection 3
    Various Artists

  79. Its Time to Dance​!​
    Friendly Earth Friends

  80. The FuMP Volume 14
    Various Artists

  81. Sega Lugosi's Dead

  82. Perspectives
    The Dark Clan

  83. Intelligence: Revised

  84. NESferaTWO

  85. This is Jizzcore

  86. I Am On Fire (Megaflamer Edition)

  87. Fatal Error
    Sudden Death

  88. Songs in the Key of Death: A DEATHKEY Compilation
    Various Artists

  89. The FuMP Volume 3
    Various Artists

  90. Random Old Free Shit

  91. Stupid Video Game Music (remaster)
    Worm Quartet

  92. BACONspiracy
    The Great Luke Ski

  93. The FuMP Volume 1
    Various Artists

  94. Earpicac: Weird Sounds By Weird People
    Various Artists

  95. You Are Here: a Compilation of Wisconsin Electronics
    Various Artists

  96. Vampires Dance!
    The Dark Clan

  97. NESferatu

  98. Technobabble
    Various Artists

  99. You Knew It All Along

  100. I Am On Fire

  101. HaLO: The Best of Madtown Electro-Synth
    Various Artists

  102. Etherblisster EP


The Gothsicles Chicago, Illinois

Premiere industrial festivals around the globe and Amazon's "Most Downloaded" lists all love Chicago's ultrasweaty industrial dance dorkstorm, THE GOTHSICLES.


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