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All proceeds from the first month of sales of this track go to charity.
Rodney Anonymous is in The Dead Milkmen.

Rodney Anonymous

MC Lars

The Gothsicles


Saturday, one o'clock
I turn the TV to Mondo Fox
There's a show I've got to watch
There's a show that just plain rocks
A high school girl named Daisy O'Brien
Who's also a vampire; I ain't lyin'
The acting is better than Robert De Niro
It's time to watch

Chica Vampiro

Everybody did a grave, dig a grave

Reruns of Buffy can be OK
But I just can't watch them every day
Not when there's so much at stake
So drop that hero - get with a zero
It's time to watch

Chica Vampiro

Chica Vampiro, me gusta mucho
Telenovela, amor y justo
Colombian hit, ninos pequenos
Scaring their parents and haunting their sueños
Max de la Torre puede bailar
cuando Ulises O’Brian is far
Twilight it’s not, but still rocks the spot
Chica Vampiro, voy a mirar a lot


released January 15, 2016
Chica Vampiro is our favorite Spanish-language teen vampire show. Our second favorite is The McLaughlin Group

The song concept was Rodney's idea.

The music was done by The Gothsicles and Rodney.

Rodney wrote most of the lyrics except the MC Lars part, which was written my MC Lars.

Rodney mixed and mastered this track.

Everybody did vocals.



all rights reserved


The Gothsicles Chicago, Illinois

Premiere industrial festivals around the globe and Amazon's "Most Downloaded" lists all love Chicago's ultrasweaty industrial dance dorkstorm, THE GOTHSICLES.


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