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Squid Icarus

by The Gothsicles

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on the shelves of powers comics way up in green bay i found a guy that i’d been looking for since back in the day a pliable maniacal alien creature with a slimy living web and the power of speech eradicate the spider-man is what we’re gonna do i want to grab you by the arms and legs and tear you in two i want to get inside your head like a psychic stain i want to i want to i want to eat your brain i want to eat your brain i want to eat your brain i want to eat your brain severed at the head and rent in twain a doppelganger’s dead with disconnected remains i want to eat your brain monochromatic monster from outer space shooting stuff out my hands and saying words out my face actually they come from a box on my back with color coded buttons, so you can keep track of all the scary soundbytes and phrases i speak try recalling me when i knock you into next week i want to eat your brain i want to eat your brain i want to eat your brain i want to eat your brain severed at the head and rent in twain crack open the cranium, see what it contains i want you to [DIE, SPIDER-MAN]
rising up 'cause the stars say it's time sinking back at the sight of the sign waking when the dreams start to change death dies when the aeons are strange DROP DEAD, SQUID FACE!
Ultrasweaty 04:08
Playing Sheffield’s Corporation On stage set to thrill With PCP Principle And Cyferdyne on the bill But the Cyfer guys needed An olfactory lift Went back into green room To find out that the glove was sniffed I sniffed the glove We sing serious songs About serious stuff We're a serious band Making jokes about spuff We played with The Gothsicles Down at corporation They said that we could sniff the glove So we did, no hesitation. Soaking up the sweat of my industrial stank With a scent to bowl you over like a dinosaur tank Taking damage over time from the senses assailed When poisonous vapors From the glove are inhaled It's so intoxicating Drink it in like River Phoenix We only wrote the last line So that we could say the word “dicks” And the stink doesn’t stop With what I wear on my hand Because I am known far and wide Throughout the land As a natural resource Of critical mass ‘Cause I can power a city With methane gas I just need to quickly go to the toilet Don't worry, I'll be back Wait, what, we-we're on now? UH! This is Cyferdyne and The Gothsicles! DO IT! DO IT NOOOOOOW!!!! You should have told me that it smelt so nasty I sniffed so hard I need a rhinoplasty You gave me all those drinks and then you took advantage Teasing us with, that Chicago meat sandwich Feeling violated, feeling totally used With all the time we've spent a part, we've all got the blues We think that you don't love us We think that you don't care We post your pics on Facebook and you don't even share Gonna go back to England And then I'm gonna getcha Your vocals are like Hocico Beat up by Ke$ha Your rhyme is in the shell Mine are totally ample 10 minutes left of Watchmen That you didn't sample Eye make-up, ties and suits And album covers stolen from Crysis 2 Autotuned to insane level Feel the burn, you dorks forever You spit rhymes like Shakespeare But a Shakespeare who likes toys Is your sound original? Or a rip off Beastie Boys? Too busy saving mermaids, or getting drunk cuts You drop beats like a juggler, who totally sucks You've got thick thumbs, like fat girls thighs Nintendo masturbation will damage your eyes We've run out of trash, ‘cause you’re such a nice guy But F.Y.I. 8 Bit died. Also, just for your information, we don't use auto-tune at all, so thank you I sniffed the glove and I liked it The smell of your sweaty fingers I sniffed the glove just to try it And I think I just don't mind it We're English for god’s sake!
you know we played all the games in this vintage arcade like golden axe and streets of rage but i got pac-man’s high score in my sights one more thing to do tonight one more high score shot and if not, baby, let me get the door one more high score try & if i die we’ll come back another time one more high score shot and if not, baby, let me get the door one more high score attempt it’s intense baby, loan me 25 cents gimme 25 we played heavy barrel in two player mode but arcade style contra doesn't take the code we hit the pinball version of doctor who and then annihilated at street fighter ii and we destroyed at rampage, got all the way to des moines then ran out of change 'cause the thing ran out of coins be the benefactor of this ascent "U&I" at the top of the list is my intent
i love cosmic adventures and high powered endeavors but the raddest stuff in town is going down at street level not a huge hulking bruiser or lightning bolt blaster just a dude with an attitude sporting alabaster pick a crescent from your spine (moon knight is cool) you can see him coming by design (moon knight is cool) vengeance has a new redeemer (moon knight is cool) broken arms and shattered femurs (moon knight is cool) he’s got tons of money and a sidekick who’s french and he once took on nefaria including the henchmen if you look at the contents of my bookshelf you’ll find it’s got more issues than marc spector’s mental health pick a crescent from your spine you can see him coming by design vengeance has a new enforcer broken arms on broken torsos pick a crescent from your derrière you can see him coming from everywhere vengeance has a new avatar doling out the moon shaped forehead scars helicopters and bolo guns it’s like 3 batmans for the price of one ‘cause the best party’s always on the b-list spinning some nunchucks and throwing a spiked fist moon knight is cool (leaving fat lips every lunar eclipse) moon knight is cool (covered in corporate blood and werewolf drool) all beware the fist of khonshu you could read something else, but you wouldn’t want to
Sword Cane 04:03
old man, i don’t wanna fight you there’s a blade housed in your walking stick i can tell that your frailty is fake your reflexes are much too quick i don’t know if you’re a super villain or a stately menacing guy but i know that if i battle you i’ll get a puncture wound in my thigh you have a sword cane old man, it’s obvious that you’re adept at that weapon you wield but i surmise that your strength is in surprise for the weapon itself is concealed
strip mall milwaukee a shareware rack a 3.5 inch floppy encased in shrink wrap took out my wallet and said here, i’ll take this then proceeded to install it on my 386 switched from expanded to extended memory and after sorting out the RAM I see a digital display of unspeakable gore hook up the modem to the phone because I gotta get more we must knock the noggins around adjust the screwed up settings for sound blades thrust leaving limbs on the ground flesh by the pound encrusted in the lust quit to dos and load up a game then toss about heads of the maimed the last boss is a takar named staine the threat is sussed encrusted in bloodlust my addiction to their output grew like a virus ‘cause they were weird and maladjusted just like i was with cool enemies and characters by the dozen the games were for PC, but the content sure wasn't i’m not even talkin’ ‘bout the emulators despite them being as great as they were studies can’t confirm any effects on consumers but I grew up all gothic with a sick sense of humor
this time i’m gonna use my powers for good and provide a public service to the neighborhood since i am rather adept at clearing the floor it makes sense for me to tell you that it’s time to find the door the club is closed the club is closed exit the premises the club is closed the club is closed leave the property exit the premises this club is closed we hit verse two and you’re still here so stop with the dancing and finish your beer ‘cause now we’ve reached the last call for you to hook up but you can’t get it on in here so it’s time to leave the club the club is closed the club is closed exit the premises the club is closed the club is closed leave the property exit the premises take it from me you don’t want the assist
Slime-Half 01:47


Album re-issued on Tigersquawk Records 5/14/2019

"Ultrasweaty" should have been included with this release on iTunes and it wasn't for a while, so it's a free download now.


released December 15, 2014


all rights reserved



The Gothsicles Boston, Massachusetts





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