Out There in the Dark

by The Gothsicles

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Lyrics by Aaron Bilbrey for THE GRIM LIFE OF HACK & SLASH

This track was commissioned as top-tier perk from The Gothsicles' "I Feel Sicle" Kickstarter and written as a promo for the killarious web series, "The Grim Life of Hack & Slash".




Walking alone in the late afternoon
The fog rolls in under the Hunter’s Moon
Through the Whispering Woods, I follow the map
But I’m getting the feeling that this might be a trap
Storm clouds overhead begin to look frightening
With menacing faces, illuminated by lightning
And down the winding path, beyond the twisted oak
There’s a figure ahead in a jet-black cloak

They come from every corner as they hunt the prey.
Their only desire is to rip you apart.
Serrated claws & teeth, and dressed in decay.
There are horrible creatures out there in the dark

Three miles in and I’m starting to wonder,
“How'd I get in this mess?” Lost in rain and thunder
There’s an eerie feeling as the wind blows the leaves
In a real “class move”, I forgot the flashlight batteries
A flash of red robes and a menacing growl
Glowing eyes from the bushes, blood-chilling howls
Snapping tree branches as it prowls the grounds
I’m so deep in the forest, I may never be found

RUN! Past the crimson leaves and the haunted trees
RUN! Under the canopy of evil spirits drifting through the breeze
My Dex is a 12, but my Wisdom’s a 6
And with a bit of luck, I’ll make it out of the sticks
But chains rattle, and claws scrape on the bark
in the distance, there’s a figure looming in from the dark.


released July 5, 2018
Produced by Dagger Eyes Studio

Lyrics by Aaron Bilbrey


all rights reserved



The Gothsicles Boston, Massachusetts


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